A microchip could make the difference if your pet ever gets lost

Microchips are considered so essential to your pet’s wellbeing and it is now a legal requirement for all dogs to be microchiped at 8 weeks. These tiny pieces of equipment could be the link to reunite you with your pet if they ever wander off and get lost.

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice and sits underneath your pet’s skin, just between their shoulder blades, and is kept in place by the surrounding tissue. Each chip carries a unique number which identifies your pet and will link to your contact details when entered into the national pet database.

When your pet is chipped, you will be required to pay a one-off fee. (If you are a member of the Pet Health Plan this included) After that no further maintenance is required – you simply have to remember to let us know if your contact details change so we can update them on the database.

Microchipping is a more reliable method of identification than a collar and tag, which can easily fall off or be removed.

Statistically one in three pets will get lost at some point in their life, and a microchip makes it significantly more likely that they will be reunited with you. A recent study found that only 22% of lost dogs and 2% of lost cats that had not been chipped managed to find their way back to their owners. By comparison, 52% of microchipped dogs and 38% of microchipped cats were returned home.

Don’t risk losing your pet for good, when a simple microchip could help to keep them safe! At Pierson Stewart & Partners, the microchips that we use also contain Bio-Thermo™ technology. These show your pet’s body temperature when scanned, meaning there’s no longer any use for the traditional but slightly undignified rectal thermometer!