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Contact information

Brooksden Veterinary Hospital
High Street,Cranbrook
Kent, TN17 3DT

Telephone: 01580 713381

Opening times

At our Cranbrook hospital we provide our own out of hours supported by our own vets and nurses 365 days a year.

Monday-Friday: 8.30am – 6.30pm

Outside of these hours in an emergency please phone:

01580 713381

Saturday: Open for consultations and emergencies only

Sunday: Open for emergencies only

Consulting times

Note: All consultations are by appointment only

  • Monday
    9am-11.30am; 12.30pm-1.30pm; 2.30pm-4pm; 5pm-6.30pm
  • Tuesday
    9am-11.30am; 2.30pm-4pm; 5pm-6.30pm
  • Wednesday
    9am-11.30am; 12.30pm-1.30pm; 2.30pm-4pm; 5pm-6.30pm
  • Thursday
    9am-11.30am; 2.30pm-4pm; 5pm-6.30pm

  • Friday
    9am-11.30am; 2.30pm-4pm; 5pm-6.30pm
  • Saturday
    9am-11.30am – please call for emergencies only after this time
  • Sunday
    Please call for emergencies only – 01580713381
  • Please note
    All consultations are by appointment only.

In an emergency…

Should you ever need to call us outside of normal surgery hours, your call will automatically be diverted to our Cranbrook practice where our emergency team will be able to provide assistance to you and your pet.

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