Our Pet Health Plan saves you money, makes life easier for you whilst ensuring your pet has everything they need

Do you ever struggle to keep up with remembering when your pet needs to be treated for worms or fleas, or when their next vaccinations are due? Maybe you’re constantly wary of increasing consultation fees, or having to make lump sum payments after each visit to the vet.

If this sounds like you, our Pet Health Plan could be the ideal solution. For a modest monthly direct debit, your pet will receive all the standard healthcare treatments they need and you’ll be entitled to some exclusive discounts in practice, and save around £100.

Our Pet Health Plan includes:

pet-health-plansAnnual vaccinations, including a full health check

A choice of flea/tick and worming treatments

Nurse clinics, including anal glands, nail clipping, flea and worm checks and ear plucking.

Microchipping with a bio-therm chip which reads your pets temperature.

Complimentary health check with one of our vets, 6 months after vaccinations

Kennel Cough

10% off neutering

10% off foods bought in practice

5% off all inhouse bloods and sample fees

10% off Dental procedures (Scale and Polish and General Anaesthetic)

10% off Rabies Vaccination

Please be aware that the health checks included in the Pet Health Plan are general check-ups for ‘healthy’ pets only; appointments to investigate a particular problem are not covered by the plan.

Cat Price: £18 a month

Dog Price: from £18 a month