Our expert team are able to provide the best possible treatment for your pet, whatever their condition

It’s impossible to predict when your pet will fall ill, or what type of difficulties they might experience. For your convenience, our team of vets and nurses are able to carry out a variety of treatments and therapies in practice.

The following services are available to your pet:

Surgical procedures: Whether your pet requires neutering or a more complex operation, our state-of-the-art surgical theatre has all the equipment needed for a range of situations. All patients under anaesthesia are monitored using state-of-the-art technology for vital signs such as blood pressure, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, heart rate, ECG, respiratory rate and temperature.

Dentistry: Our comprehensive range of dental equipment allows us to carry out a variety of procedures ranging from tooth scaling, polishing, extractions and root canal treatments to restorative and orthodontic work. John Sauvage has a specialist interest in veterinary dentistry and is a past Secretary of the British Veterinary Dental Association.

Cardiology: Our cardiac equipment allows us to analyse your pet’s heart in detail to establish any signs of abnormality or disease, as well as their severity. The level of expertise in our vet team means we also accept cardiac referrals from many different practices in the area.

StaceyTraineeNurseOphthalmology: Should your pet have any problems with their eyes or vision, our specialist consultant Karen Casswell runs clinics for our clients as well as referrals from other practices.

Ultrasound: Ultrasound machines, including cardiac ultrasound, help determine a problem that may not be easily seen on the surface which means a faster diagnosis for your pet. Our abdominal ultrasound specialist Audrey Petite visits the practice when a patient requires specialist ultrasound for examination, diagnosis and ultrasound guided biopsies. John Sauvage also carries out thoracic and cardiac (chest and heart-related) ultrasound.

Orthopaedics: Our Vet Team is able to carry out routine orthopaedics. If your pet requires a complex orthopaedic procedure, our specialist Dr Christoph Stork is able to accommodate this in practice.

Please be aware that there will be a referral charge for a specialist to come in and assess your pet.